Copyright Notice

Copyright Notice

The images, words and design adaptations on this and any and all websites owned and controlled by Neil Turner are protected by copyright. Under United Kingdom and international law they are classified as artistic works. All of those works were created between 1988 and the present day unless labelled otherwise.

Copyright is an automatic property right. The owner, their heirs or anyone to whom copyright has been assigned can take action against someone who has infringed copyright. This is similar to the action that can be taken against a squatter who has invaded private property. Copyright owners may sue for damages to compensate for any losses. They may also apply for an injunction to stop any repetition. If someone, as a business venture, knowingly pirates or bootlegs copyright work, it is a criminal offence. Punishments vary but fines and even imprisonment are possible under the law.

Rights Reserved

For the avoidance of any doubt: the copyright owners reserve all rights to all works on this website and any other website owned and controlled by Neil Turner. That includes works where copyright is owned or co-owned by another party and permission has been granted for their inclusion for portfolio purposes. This includes all moral, legal and property rights.


The copyright owner does not give permission for any use, commercial or personal, to publish, adapt, amend, distribute or in any other way make use of or profit from any copyright material hosted by or published on this website without the issue of a license to do so. Please remember that claiming ignorance of the law is no defence should you breach copyright.


Should you, or any third party, wish to use or publish any of the images on this site please contact the photographer and negotiate a license.


Provisional permission is granted to share whole pages and posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Please use the buttons below to share if you are certain that in doing so no laws are broken and no third party rights are infringed. You must also undertake to not, in any way, disparage the author. There are a strictly limited number of other exceptions under UK law. Please check with the ABCD of UK Copyright for an explanation of these. If you are unsure, please check first. Should you still have any doubts please assume that all works are protected by copyright and unavailable for use.

If you would like to know more about copyright and photography then please follow this link to the ABCD of UK Copyright.

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