Apply correct safety standards at all times when photographing during a pandemic
©Neil Turner, October 2020

Safety First

Even before COVID-19 it was important to keep up with and apply the correct safety standards at all times. That included health but the focus was often on physical safety and the impact of our actions on ourselves and others.

Because of the pandemic health concerns have been brought to the fore in ways that few of us could have predicted. More information has become available and the science has given us plenty to think about. I have followed the updated standards and advice and implemented them in my working methods.

Whilst the advice from Government for the general public has constantly changed, it has been slightly more consistent when it comes to work. “Work from home wherever you can” is sound advice but very little of what I do as a photographer can be done from home.

Before accepting any assignments I discuss the potential risks involved in any situation. If a comprehensive risk assessment is required we will do one. A method statement can then be agreed with the client and any third parties who may be involved. Most of my work involves going to other people’s homes and places of work. That, more than ever, means prioritising their needs and wishes.

Lateral flow and PCR tests have become part of my life. I am always happy to arrange whatever testing is appropriate for an assignment and I have had every vaccination that is available at this point (first and second vaccinations plus two booster jabs).

It keeps getting updated but here’s my list of questions that need to be answered:


  • Has the client already carried out a risk assessment?
  • Are there any set COVID-19 policies already in place that will effect the shoot?
  • What effect will COVID-19 restrictions have on the photographs?
  • Is the travel involved proportionate to the value of the expected images?
  • Is social distancing possible before, during and after the shoot?
  • What are the PPE and cleansing requirements?
  • Are there any other non-covid safety concerns?


I am always happy to talk to clients about their projects, plans and concerns. Between us we can answer the questions above and plan a safe and successful shoot making sure that we apply the correct safety standards at all times. The safety of everyone concerned remains the principal consideration.

(Updated 18 November 2022)